Besides the support of dedicated staff and facilities at the COIE, SMEs can also tap on NYP and its industry partners for a wide range of expertise and technologies. Some of these key expertise and facilities within NYP's specialist and innovation centres are in domains listed below. 

In addition, the COIE is a technology partner of IDA in the Accreditation@IDA programme to support product development companies in the electronic testing and performance evaluation of their infocomm solutions.


Key Domain Expertise

  • Embedded – Hardware, Firmware, Software, Algorithms, Drivers, Low Power etc
  • Wireless – RF, Antenna, EMC, Ad-Hoc Networks, Location & Positioning, etc
  • Imaging & Video – Signal Processing & Algorithms, Analytics, Illumination
  • Microelectronics – IC Design, ASICs, FPGAs
  • Wearable Electronics
  • Low Power Design and Energy Harvesting
  • Clean Energy & Green Technology – Energy Management, Efficiency, Storage
  • Power & Control Engineering – Power Systems, Inverters, Drives, Instrumentation
  • Infocomm – Communications & Networks, Application Software, GUI, Mobile Apps, Data Storage, Cloud
  • Computational Intelligence & Data Analytics – Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence
  • Bio-Medical - Bio-Electronics, Bio-Signal Processing

Development & Support Facilities 

Antenna Test and Measurement Anechoic Chamber

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Test Facility

Embedded Hardware and Software Development Systems

Environment Test Chamber

Imaging Technology and Prototyping Platform

Near Field Communication (NFC) Test and Measurement System

Wireless Test and Measurement

Last Updated: 05 July 2018