Issue 16

The theme of the Enterprise X-Change Forum 2016 held on 11th November 2016 at the Theatre For The Arts(TFA) at Nanyang Polytechnic was “Thriving in an IoT’d World” with more than 300 participants in attendance and they comprised IoT Open Innovation Community(IOIC) Members, industry and technology partners, agencies and staff.

Issue 15

At the recent annual Enterprise X-Change Forum, guest-of-honour Mr Ted Tan, Deputy Chief Executive from SPRING Singapore proposed the idea of renewing the centre to “The Centre of Innovation for Electronics and Internet of Things". It has been a busy yet refreshing start to the new year and now the Centre is ready to move forward and go many steps further in the IoT world.

Issue 14

Catalyst for Growth; Ecosystem partnership in IoT; Open Innovation Lab with Intel; Intel technology platforms sharing; IoT workshops and seminars; Co-innovation projects; Testbedding with lead-demand drivers; Technology roadmapping; Outreach events…

Issue 13

Collaboration is the new competitive advantage; SME Delegation to Europe; Expanding Network, Showcasing Capabilities; Events benefitting IOIC members...

Issue 12

Enterprise X-Change Forum; Emerging Business Opportunities in the Internet of Things; Co-Innovation Partnership & Networking Forum; Disruptive Technologies Propelling IoT; Humanising Innovation & Design….

Issue 11
Environmental Acoustic Detection System (EADS); Identity Management (IdM) System; Power Outage & Equipment Monitoring Device (POEM); Dynamic 3D Foot Scanner for Insole ….

Issue 10
Exploit the Potentials of IoT to Innovate New Business Models and Products ; The Internet of Things (IoT) Open Innovation Space….

Issue 09

“ART Development is a Business”; “Clinician Driven Innovation”; “The New Old – Identifying Silver Opportunities in Singapore”; ….

Issue 08
Partnership Network; Partner in Innovation – 1Rwave & Vortics Communications; Newly expanded facilities – EMC Chamber & Antenna Test & Measurement Anechoic Chamber ….

Issue 07

COIE’s Seminar, Open House & Exhibition; Companies showcasing their innovation; Tours to Specialised Labs ….

Issue 06
Smart Energy and Green Solutions; Intelligent Enterprise and Systems; Healthcare, Lifestyle and Assistive Solutions; Workflow and Process Automation / Optimisation ….

Issue 05
High Speed Digital Down-converter; Digital Video Broadcast Test Development; Content Management Framework ; Android Application for FunTab Tablets ….

Issue 04
Bringing Green Technology to the Market; Wireless Energy Solution; Healthcare Telematics ; Multi-Channel, High Current Strobe Illumination Controller; Seminars and Exhibitions ….

Issue 03
Iris-Based Biometric Scanner; Facial-Based Outdoor Advertisment Effectiveness Assessment System; Internet Appliances Interoperability Verification Testing ….

Issue 02
WiFi Beacon for Work Place Safety Management System; ARM Processor-Based High Speed Imaging System; Business Intelligent / Business Development Networking ….

Issue 01
The Establishment of COIE; Seminar on Internet Security ….

Last Updated: 05 July 2018