MediaTek Technical Seminar Cum Workshop

Microprocessors are becoming smaller and more efficient. This technology development has device makers and manufacturers racing towards offering a new wave of smart Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions – not limited to wearables, wireless healthcare services and autonomous vehicles – to capture the market opportunities, extending product offerings across a broad range of exciting new markets.

In strategic alignment to market trend, COIE is committed to deepen its capabilities and provide technical leadership and lead the adoption of IoT, focussing on value creation and growth support to SMEs. In a similar thrust, MediaTek endeavours to be at the heart of this wave of new and innovative devices, delivering the chipset technology and IoT wearable development platforms to enable device makers and manufacturers to realise their miniaturised and power efficient products.

In synergetic partnership, COIE and MediaTek co-hosted a Technical Seminar cum Workshop on 3 December 2014 to share with SME partners on how they could tap onto this advancement in technology in their development of wearable IoT solutions with yet another viable platform: MediaTek’s Aster (MT2502) chipset and LinkIt development platform.

Visit MediaTek’s LinkIt website at to access the technical documents and developer’s guide.

Picture source: MediaTek Inc