23 Aug : Leveraging Smart IoT Technology for the Water Industry 2019 

Water as a scarce resource is now an existential issue for our nation. Supply, conservation, safety and security are some of the key matters that need to be addressed. The water industry, among others, can potentially benefit from electronics and Internet-of-Things (IOT) technology. Any advance water conservation system should integrate cost-effective and smart IOT solutions with water equipment to bring about intelligent water controls and data analytics for intelligent monitoring purposes and actuate the appropriate controls for effective usage and conservation management. Just over 140 people from more than 80 companies from the water related industries attended and packed out the Lecture theatre!

Our Keynote speaker from PUB provided deep insights into the national landscape situation and the challenges we faced as a nation towards water availability, consumption trends, conservation and recycling. This set the tone for the other speakers to bring out their companies case studies and solutions to address some of these issues. The sharing by various industry partners were accompanied with demonstrable use cases of how these technologies could be achieved and exploited. All in all everyone enjoyed the topics shared, the networking opportunities and had many queries through the tour of our Expert Centres.

Last Updated: 12 September 2019