3 Dec 2019 : Enterprise X-Change Forum 2019

The Centre of Innovation for Electronics & IoT (COI-EIoT@NYP) hosted an Industry Event, Enterprise X-Change Forum 2019 on 3 Dec 2019. The theme was “Leveraging the Power of Emerging AI Technologies”. with more than 150 participants in attendance and they comprised IoT Open Innovation Community (IOIC) members, industry partners and agencies.

Today we are inundated from a whole variety of media with a buzz around the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is not to be unexpected given the increasing importance of AI that’s impactful across many application areas and domains much like how IoT cuts across horizontally to enable many new applications and business models. This mix of AI and IoT related technologies is a very potent one and to help us better understand this we lined-up several industry speakers who shared their ideas and thoughts in pertinent emerging areas of applications.

All three speakers provided a backdrop of the historical origins and development of AI as a science and how as an emerging technology AI was rapidly changing the landscape of the IoT and Industrial world. The first speaker from Intel emphasised the importance of powerful and well designed software tools to augment the development of AI applications leveraging the advances made on AI supporting hardware and computing power. He reiterated that Intel was developing/optimizing open-source tools (including programming languages, frameworks and libraries, etc.) to accelerate the development and deployment of AI applications. The second speaker from ST Microelectronics shared on the absolute need of decentralizing the AI to the edge for more optimised processing of the big data on a “distributed” basis rather than pumping everything back to the network and host system. The initial idea behind the IoT, as well as other connected devices, was that simple sensors would relay raw data to the cloud for processing through one or more gateways. But it was becoming obvious that this approach was not sustainable as there was just far too much data to process and also the prevalence of unstructured or oftentimes useless data. This was very inefficient even with higher-speed communications technology such as 5G. Exponential growth of connected devices with massive amount of data being transferred over networks precipitated the need for more and more real time user experience as well as privacy and robust security driving the need for power efficient, embedded AI processing at the edge. Our third speaker from NYP itself shared on several use cases of how the power of AI could be well harnessed for high imaging and processing applications.

The adjoining Exhibition augmented the Forum by having several partners as exhibitors showcasing the latest AI IoT and IoT development tools, systems and solutions for different industry sectors. The exhibition segment brought together the right mix of professionals over refreshment and was a great networking session for companies and participants to mingle and explore new possibilities

Last Updated: 3 January 2020