Creating Values with Real World IoT Applications 

Members of COIE’s IoT Open Innovation Community (IOIC) were invited to an exclusive industry event which provided inspiration to seize the opportunities in the Internet-of-Things (IoT) space. The programme boasted of insightful technical sharing, valued networking opportunities and practical hands-on experimentation to explore the vast possibilities of IoT.

The event kicked off with a sharp talk by Mr John Barber, Managing Director IoT Research for Gartner, titled IoT Use Cases – Examples That Explain the Real World Value. Mr Barber spelt out the intricacy of competing in the IoT space, touching on the potential, challenges and opportunities, cutting through the hype. He also shared numerous global IoT use cases, citing recommended success factors and conceivable key technology inhibitors, with practical benefits to the audience. An interactive Q&A session thereafter allowed for questions and further clarifications to be addressed.    

The members of IOIC had the option to attend any of the two hands-on workshops, following the talk.  The workshops were on NFC Applications and Azure Cloud Services & Application Development, which was conducted jointly by the Wireless Technology Centre of Nanyang Polytechnic together with NXP, and Microsoft respectively.