18-19 Sep 2018 : TechInnovation 2018

At Techinnovation the Centre displayed a fresh outlook of our new banner which depicted the vast array of capabilities which the industry could potentially leveraged upon for developmental support. This drew a lot of attention from the crowd consisting of largely tech sourcing industry professionals or tech developers seeking for collaboration and/or co-innovation product or solution development support. Additionally, we also hosted a start-up partner, Lumizen Pte Ltd at our booth to showcase an IoT development for the urban horticulture application.

Greenhouse horticulture refers to the production of horticultural crops within a structured shelter to provide modified growing conditions for crops. Light is one of the essential conditions affecting plant growth. Especially in indoor urban-based farming, the ability to uniformly provide the right spectrum of light to different types of crops at different stages of growth is crucial to the crop yield and quality. Lumizen Pte Ltd has licensed a patent on uniform distribution of light to design a cost effective wireless LED lamp and sensor system that uses data analytics and statistical methods for formulation of "recipes" to grow specific species of crops.

The project involved the design and translation of the licensed patent into a functional working prototype for test-bedding and data collection for formulation of "recipes" parameters at a horticultural urban farming company in Indonesia. COI-EIoT co-developed with Lumizen a modular LED Lamp Control platform solution with IoT and data analytics features. The scope involved the firmware development for the LED Lamp Control Sub-system as well as software development for the IoT Gateway for data collection, analytics and "recipe" formulation. Device monitoring, sensors and configuration data(eg, "recipes" and calibration data) uploading and downloading will all be remotely executed through the remote access software tool integrated into the IoT Gateway. All the key elements of hardware and software development were then integrated to form a functional solution for test-bedding purposes in the farm environment.

Last Updated: 25 April 2019