03 Dec

COIE-SPRING Enterprise X-Change Forum 2013
25 – 27 Sep
TechInnovation 2013 and TechVenture Conference
29 Aug
Networking Session : Telematics, Safety and Security Systems
26 Jul
Conference : Co-Innovation Partnership Conference
14 – 16 Mar
Eco-Products International Fair 2013 @ Marina Bay Sands
01 Mar
Business Forum & Networking Event : The Next Lap & State of the ART (co-organised with Singnex and in conjunction with RehabTech Asia 2013)


22 Nov

Enterprise Forum & Network and COIE Open House 2012
(co-organised with SPRING Singapore)

08 Nov

Seminar : Power2Solve (co-organised with Tektronix)

25 Oct

Seminar : How is technology transforming our world?
(co-organised with Flextronics)

16 Oct

TechInnovation 2012 @ Marina Bay Sands Singapore

12 Oct

Seminar : LTE Deployment & Technologies Day
(co-organised with Rohde & Schwarz Singapore)

11 Oct

Seminar : Altium Designer Seminar 2012
(co-organised with PCB Graphtech Pte Ltd)

27 Sep

Networking Session : Emerging Trends and New Opportunities in Smart Assistive and Healthcare Businesses(co-organised with SPRING Singapore)

26 Sep

Seminar : After the Deal: Working with Investors and Board Members

17 Oct 2011 – 22 Jun 2012

Specialist Diploma in Embedded Systems

14 May

Lecture Series on Innovation and Enterprise : The Key to Innovation – the 3M Way

24 Apr

Seminar : Network & Security Solution
(co-organised with GrandTech Pte Ltd)

12 Sep 2011 – 20 Apr 2012

Specialist Diploma in Infocomm Technology : Network System & Management Specialist Track

12 Sep 2011 – 20 Apr 2012

Specialist Diploma in Infocomm Technology : Infocomm Systems Security Specialist Track

30 Mar

Networking Session : Internet-of-Things (IoT) – Rethinking Technology, Markets and Avenues of Business Growth
(co-organised with SPRING Singapore and Singapore Industrial Automation Association)

23 Mar

Networking Session : Intelligent Systems for a Smarter World(co-organised with SPRING Singapore and IPI)

21 Mar

Seminar : PCB Performance Matters Seminar 2012
(co-organised with PCB Graphtech Pte Ltd)

24 Feb

Seminar : Telematics in the 21st Century and Beyond
(co-organised with NXP Semiconductors and AVNET Asia)

13 Jan

Seminar : Next Generation of RF/MW Design EDA Tools
(co-organised with Applied Wave Research  & FTD Solutions)


25 Oct

Seminar : Electronics Industry Outlook & Forecast of Growth Areas

21 Mar – 21 Oct

Specialist Diploma in Embedded Systems

21 Sep – 19 Oct

Practical Verilog : From Concept to Implementation & Prototyping

07 Sep

COIE 2011 Open House (co-organised with SPRING Singapore)

15 – 16 Sep

Embedded C Programming for 8051 Application Development

23 Mar – 29 Apr

Practical VHDL : From Concept to Implementation & Prototyping

13 – 15 Apr

PCB Design Made Easier (co-organised with PCB Graphtech Pte Ltd)

30 – 31 Mar

Photovoltaic Technology Applications : From Concept to Implementation

20 Jan

A Journey Towards Business Excellence
(co-organised with Qian Hu Corporation Ltd)

07 Jan

COIE Open House (co-organised with SPRING Singapore)


02 Dec

Moving Towards Next Generation Networks : IPv6 and its Implementation (co-organised with Spirent Communications)

12 Nov

Understanding Beyond the Banner Specifications of a Real Time Digital Oscilloscope (co-organised with Rohde & Schwarz )

20 Oct

Smart Integration : Unifying Control, Convenience and Energy Efficiency for Modern Homes and Offices
(co-organised with Ace Electronic Systems Pte Ltd)

15 Oct

Today’s PCB Design Technology (co-organised with PCB Graphtech Pte Ltd)

08 Oct

Talk on Green ICT (co-organised with SiTF)

03 Aug

iPhone & iPad Application Development for Professional Developers

18 Jun

Virtual Instrumentation Technology (co-organised with National Instruments (S) Pte Ltd)

15 Jun

Rapid Design with Programmable System-on-Chip Workshop (co-organised with Cypress Semiconductor and Cytech Global Pte Ltd)

26 May – 03 Jun

Positioning Systems & Applications

26 May – 01 Jun

Customised Training & Technical Consultancy on iPhone & iPad Application Development

19 May

Embedded Design with Complex Programmable Logic Device Workshop (co-organised with Altera and Arrow Electronics)

14 May

Simulating Global Navigation Satellite Systems for R&D Testing (co-organised with Spirent Communications)

30 Apr

Windows Embedded Technical Seminar (co-organised with Academus Software Engineering and Advantech)

14 Apr

USB Design Workshop (co-organised with Altera and Crytech)

22 Mar

Building Embedded Devices with Windows Embedded Standard 2003 (co-organised with MDS Pacific Pte Ltd)

18 Feb

Microsoft Silverlight & Windows 7 (co-organised with Microsoft)

29 Jan

Emerging Technologies : Imaging -Based Security Technology (co-organised with IES)

22 Jan

Advanced Electronics Design and Technology Day 2010
(co-organised with NXP Semiconductors and Excelpoint Technology)


01 – 15 Dec

Digital Wireless Transceiver Design (co-organised with HP)

06 Nov

Security Technology Forum & Exhibition (co-organised with SPRING Singapore and American Society for Industrial Security)

26 Oct

Networking Session : Business Growth and Marketing Strategies (co-organised with Get2Volume and NYP School of Business Management)

21 Oct – 25 Nov

Practical VHDL : From Concept to Implementation & Prototyping

29 Sep

Synopsys Technology Seminar (co-organised with Synopsys)

28 Sep

Real Time Locating System Technology (co-organised with GPS Lands (S) Pte Ltd)

28 Aug

Solar Technology : Challenges and Solutions (co-organised with Agilent Technologies)

25 Aug

4G Mobile Broadband : Technologies, Trends, Markets and Challenges (co-organised with Agilent Technologies)

19 Aug

Technical Seminar on Cloud Computing and Managed Print Services (co-organised with HP)

22 Jun

Networking Session : Business Intelligence / Business Develpment (co-organised with Fast & Safe and Brandtology)

22 May

National RFID Technology Seminar : Multiple-ID Network System for Enterprise Operations (co-organised with SIMTECH)

19 May

Internet Security : ITU World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (co-organised with Association of Telecommunications Industry of Singapore)

24 Apr

DSP Technology and its Application in the real world
(co-organised with Excelpoint Technology)

13 May

Multi-Global Navigation Satellite System Testing
(co-organised with Spirent Communications)

24 Apr

DSP Technology and its Application in the real world
(co-organised with Excelpoint Technology)

23 Apr

High Precision Measurements of Dynamic Geometric and Surface Characteristics of Micro-Structures by Non-contact Optical Techniques (co-organised with Millice Pte Ltd)

06 Apr – 29 Oct

Embedded Systems Engineers Development Programme

09 Mar – 15 Apr

Practical VHDL : From Concept to Implementation & Prototyping

06 Mar

Synthesis and Timing Analysis Technology
(co-organised with Synopsys (S) Pte Ltd)

10 Feb

Effective PCB Design using Altium Designer
(co-organised with PCB Graphtech Pte Ltd)

16 Jan

COIE Open House (co-organised with SPRING Singapore)

05 Jan – 23 Jul

Embedded Systems Engineers Development Programme


25 Nov

Embedded Technology Solutions (co-organised with FTD Solutions)

19 Nov

Technology Update – Electronics & Infocomm Systems
(co-organised with SPRING Singapore)

15 Oct

Technology Forum ’08 (co-organised with Agilent Technologies)

10 Oct

EMC : New Challenges & Solutions (co-organised with Rohde & Schwarz)

25 Sep

Advanced Imaging Firmware Design & Solutions
(co-organised with Sundance Multiprocessor Technology and TechSource Systems)

12 Sep

Mobile Payment : Technologies, Trends, Markets and Regulations (co-organised with Telecoms Research Project Centre, Singapore)

01 Sep 2008 – 20 Mar 2009

Embedded Systems Engineers Development Programme

29 Aug

High-Performance Microwave and Millmeter Wave Phased Arrays Using CMOS and SiGe RFICs

Last Updated: 05 July 2018